Domain names, hosting and SSL Certificates – it’s all a bit confusing! What I can tell you straight off the bat is that it’s now an essential tool for both security and SEO to have an SSL certificate for your website, even if you’re not running an ecommerce store. In this post I’ll run through the different SSL certificate options and I’ll spare you as much jargon as I can! Read more

HTTPS or SSL is a secure method of encrypting data that is transmitted between your computer and your website’s web server (or the website you are visiting). Basically, HTTPS is a more secure version of HTTP (the “S” is for secure!) HTTPS gives websites trust, security, and a rankings boost! Read more

You may have read about Google Chrome advising it’s users that it will be changing the way non-HTTPS websites are displayed and accessed. At the very least, you have probably seen a warning on some websites that you’ve visited saying they are not secure. The warnings can range from the website not loading before you accept the security concerns to a red warning in the address bar. Read more

Hang on, web hosting? What’s web hosting got to do with SEO I hear you say?

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WordPress is one of our favourite Content Management Systems (or CMS for short). It’s open source and one of the most widely used CMS platforms around the world. From bloggers to businesses it’s a great choice. But, just how secure is it? Read more

WordPress is a powerful CMS, or Content Management System, that gives you an intuitive administrative interface from which you can manage the content of your website. Originally developed as blogging software, WordPress has quickly grown to become one of the most popular and widely used CMS around the world for businesses and bloggers alike. Read more

We’ve all heard of WordPress, right? But did you know that WordPress is a Content Management System (“CMS”)? WordPress has come a long way since its inception in 2001 and it is now the foremost used blogging software platform across the web. But what CMS’s are available to you and which is the best choice for your website? Read more


Want to save time and money? Secure your website today!

If you live in a rough neighbourhood, you could be vulnerable to theft and burglary. You might choose to beef up the security measures around your home. The internet is a dangerous place, full of hackers and bots trying to steal and corrupt your data. Any weakness is exploited and if you don’t plan ahead, you could be facing an expensive re-build or worse, having to explain to your customers how their data became lost or stolen.  Read more